How To Enable Telnet in Windows 10

 How To Enable Telnet in Windows 10



July  29, 2020
Last Updated : July  29, 2020

Want to use the Telnet application included with Microsoft Windows 10? You first need to enable the program. Here’s how it’s done.


By default, if you tried to telnet in Windows 10, the command will be not recognized as the feature is not installed

To install Telnet in Windows 10, follow the below steps :

  1. Open Control Panel

    If you don't know how to open it, check this article : How to Open Control Panel in Windows 10   

  2. Open Programs

  3. Select the Turn Windows features on or off  option.

  4. The Window Feature will open

    scroll down till Telnet Client and select it, then click OK

    Windows will check if any prerequisite is required and will install it if needed

  5. When you receive the message that Windows completed the request changes, click Close

  6. Now if you tried to telnet , the command is recognized


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