New Free Tools For ISA Server 2004/2006

New Free Tools for ISA Server 2004/2006



May 08, 2008
Last Updated : June 20, 2008

In the last few days, I have been testing great new tools for ISA Server 2004/2006 developed by Chris Misztur. The features these tools add to ISA Server were long considered as a Whish list for ISA Server.

We all like ISA Server, and we all would love to improve it and add new features into it. That's why I like to test new tools and encourage developers to bring more tools into the ISA Server world.

Chris Misztur has developed a couple of tools for ISA Server, and he is still in the process of bringing more tools in the near future.

The tools are  :

  1. ISA User Access Check

    This tools is used to Find out quickly what kind of Internet access specific user/group has through the ISA proxy.

    Imagine you have 100 rules and you want to find out what access a specific user/group has through the ISA Firewall !
    Usually you would go through your firewall policies and figure it out, which is hard to do and takes long time to accomplish. Whereas with ISA User Access Check, you can do get the results in seconds.

    To download the tool, Click here

    To discuss the tool, report a bug or want to suggest some improvements, then click here

    The 2nd tool is :

  2. ISA Import provides a DNS block list of known malware domains. This list is natively used as a part of DNS configuration, however, the below tool will allow you to import the domains.txt definitions file into ISA Server as a URL Set or DNS Set. You can then create a deny access rule based on the imported list.

    To download the tool, Click

  3. ISA Traffic Monitor and Session Control

    Monitor web traffic through ISA, display and control any active sessions, force objects into cache.

    To download the tool, click here

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