How to Fix Error 80072EE2 When Running Windows Update On TMG Server

How to Fix Error 80072EE2 When Running Windows Update On TMG Server



September 30, 2010
Last Updated : September 30, 2010

After installing TMG on Windows Server, if you ever tried to use Windows Update on the TMG server itself, you will encounter the Error 80072EE72, This is because the Web Proxy settings are not enabled and set on the TMG server. In this article, I will be showing you two methods for fixing this error message.

I finished installing TMG on a new server and prior to installing TMG, I made sure to fully patch the server. Then after TMG was installed, I came the next day to install Service Pack 1 for TMG from Windows Update, however , I was receiving the 80072EE72 error.

For your information, although you have this message in the Windows Update page, your TMG server is still able to receive updates for the Malware Protection and the Network Inspection System

The reason for the Windows Update error, is because you have not yet enabled Web Proxy on the TMG Server itself. you can fix this by using the graphical user interface in TMG , or by using the command prompt.

If you prefer the graphical user interface method, then follow my article that was related for ISA Server : Allowing Internet Access From ISA Server Machine , it will work perfectly with TMG as well.

The article will demonstrate to you enabling the Web Proxy connections on the Local Host Network, and how to set the proxy settings into your browser. And finally to check that the required System Policy is enabled.

Also, you can fix it, using the command prompt :

  1. Click on Start > All Programs > Accessories

  2. Right click on Command Prompt > and click on Run as administrator

  3. Inside CMD, type the following : netsh winhttp set proxy localhost:8080 and hit Enter on the keyboard.

After following your preferred method, now go again to Windows Update and check for updates. You'll be glad to know that this error is no longer received.


The 80072EE2 error is received after installing TMG on Windows Server. This is because the Web Proxy settings have not been set on the server. Once the Web Proxy is enabled and set on the TMG server, the 80072EE2 error is fixed.

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